We are driven by a belief that dirty electricity is harmful to plants, animals, and humans.

Our intention is to create a universal solution to a very real, global pandemic as we strive to empower a shift in awareness that we call:
The clean-power paradigm.

Energy industry deregulation benefits customers in the following ways

Utility-provided electricity
From substations and transformers

Appliances & Lighting
As well as other home or office electronics

Wireless Electronics
Including but not limited to: Radio, TV, Wi-Fi and cellphones

What is E-Pollution?

We cannot escape the presence of all e-pollution, but we can take steps and adopt habits that will greatly reduce our exposure to this harmful invisible threat to health and technology. Satic’s tips are simple, scientifically measurable, provided freely, and can be implemented right away.
Dirty Electricity
Electromagnetic Fields
Electromagnetic Radiation
Electromagnetic Interference
Bluetooth Low Energy
Microwave Radiation

Our Products

Pure Perfect Plug-in

The Pure Power Plug-In is a simple yet effective solution that plugs into a standard outlet and filters harmonics and interference from your electrical circuit to providing clean power and reduced electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation.

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Power Perfect Wire-in

Satic’s Power Perfect Energy Management System comes in three sizes and is its flagship product for filtering and conditioning your power to provide clean energy to home or business.

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SaticPulse Lightbulbs

Our proprietary ‘quantum photon’ Power Perfect LED driver design is unequaled in the market with the highest efficiency rated LED driver design available. Its incredible >.90 power factor and distortion-free operation causes significantly less interference than comparable LEDs.

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Satic Field Shield

Satic Field Shield's 90% of EMF, EMR(i), WiFi, 4G, and our engineers will soon begin testing on 5G and are predicting a very similar result. FieldShield comes in a standard poster size for the breaker panel or inside the home opposite the electrical meter. A 24”x 48” size is currently available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'dirty electricity' or 'harmonic distortion' really?
Dirty electricity is a form of electromagnetic pollution or radiation. It is also called electromagnetic interference (EMI) or electrical “noise”. It refers to powerful, high frequency electrical energy traveling along the wiring in buildings where only standard 60-Hertz AC electricity should be. It is also frequently referred to as harmonic distortion as it interferes with and distorts the fundamental 60 Hertz sinusoidal wave form. This distortion also results in unusable energy that is usually called reactive energy.
Why is EMF or EMR bad for us?
The human nervous system is in essence an electrical system that through electromagnetism governs our bodily functions. Because it is electrical, it can be influenced by outside electrical and magnetic fields which in turn can impact how effectively the nervous system and related systems communicate and function. In particular it may result in neuro-endocrine stress as a result of its impact on both the sympathetic and parasympathetic control systems. Symptoms such as high blood pressure, sleep disorders due to melatonin deficiencies, nervousness, etc. are common. Multiple studies correlate EMF exposure with diseases such as cancer, neurological disease, reproductive disorders, immune dysfunction, and electromagnetic hypersensitivity.
What savings will I see?
There are certain factors that can affect your savings. The age and size of your home or business, the type of equipment and appliances you have, power rates in your area and your lifestyle all relate to the amount of energy you use and, ultimately, how much money our products will save you. Typically, if you place 2-3 units in the recommended locations, you will more than recoup your investment in under 12 months. In some cases, savings are high enough that you can recoup your investment several months faster. With Satic’s Energy Management Systems, you get to save money and help the environment by maximizing electrical efficiency without changing your lifestyle at all.
How do I use the Pure Power Plug-In?
Plug the Satic Pure Power Plug-In into any wall outlet. The product works best in areas with inductive loads such as the laundry room (washer/dryer), kitchen (appliances/refrigerator), and living room (entertainment center).
What does the Pure Power Plug-In do?
The Satic Pure Power Plug-In will help your appliances and electronics run cooler, smoother, last longer and run more efficiently, thereby ultimately saving energy. No other system has this extraordinary combination of circuit board design, optimized power factor correction modules, line conditioning, voltage regulation, nano-surge filtration, electromagnetic field reduction and negative harmonics reduction with extremely robust surge protection. All this is packaged into Satic’s unique plug-in design, allowing it to be smaller, more affordable and more effective than anything else on the market today, at any price.
How do I know the Power Perfect box is working?
The standard Power Perfect box has 1 LED under the main cover which should be illuminated when the box is working. The HD and SD models have two LED lights under the main cover which should be illuminated when the box is working.
How do I know it is actually reducing EMI/saving money?
You can use an EMI Meter which plugs into any outlet to measure your dirty electricity levels. You can turn the unit off at the breaker panel, take readings, then turn the unit back on to see the difference in your dirty electricity levels.
Can this unit be placed inside or outside the house?
Yes it can be placed either inside or outside the house due to it’s custom NEMA box. When installed outside we recommend having the conduit and wires coming out of the bottom of the box to help reduce any chance of moisture or dust entering in to the unit.
Does it require an electrician to install it?
We do recommend a licensed electrician to install the units. Many electricians have never heard of dirty electricity or EMI/EMF, so we recommend you tell them it is a whole-house surge protector (which is true), as most electricians know what that type of unit is and how it works. The installation should not take a licensed electrician more than 30-45 minutes.
Where is the serial number? Is accessing it dangerous?
The serial number is on a white label under the cover of the unit. It is not dangerous to access this – just unscrew the 4 screws on the top cover to remove and you will see the label with the serial number information.
What’s the difference between the Power Perfect, Power Perfect Heavy Duty, and Power Perfect Super Duty?
The main difference is the size of space which needs to be conditioned and whether or not you have solar power, a smart meter or high levels of EMI (dirty electricity). Our top selling units are the Power Perfect Box (Standard) and the Power Perfect Box Super Duty. See below to find the best fit for your specific need:

How to Determine Which Filter(s) You Need: Square Footage of Residence:

Homes/Apts. with area of 500 SqFt to 1000 SqFt – 2 Plug-ins
Homes/Apts. with area of 1000 SqFt to 2500 SqFt – PPBOX (or) 2-4 Plug-ins
Homes/Apts. with area of 2500 SqFt or greater:

Without Solar or a smart meter and moderate levels of EMI.– PPBHD
With Solar and/or a smart meter and/or high levels of EMI.– PPBSD (or) 4-6 Plug-ins
What are the main causes of EMF/EMI?
The main causes of EMF/EMI include the electricity you receive from the grid (dirty), the electricity you receive from your neighbors who are near you (their usage), and from within your own home (your usage). Your home wiring also acts as a giant super antenna which picks up EMF.

There are two types of EMF:

1-Through the air – Wireless, WiFi, Bluetooth, and RF radiation
2-From the wires – electric radiation, magnetic radiation, dirty electricity
How many Plug-In units do I need for my home?
The number varies based on the size of your home and your lifestyle. The units work best when there is at least one unit plugged into each phase supplied by the utility company. We recommend one for the kitchen circuit, one for the laundry area (if you wash clothes several times a week) and one for the computer/entertainment area, again depending on usage. Satic recommends at least one unit on each phase to provide full conditioning and protection.
Is there a warranty?
Yes! We offer a 10-year product replacement guarantee on the Wire-In units and a 3-year product replacement guarantee on the Plug-In units and LED Lightbulbs.