Providing electricity in deregulated markets across the United States

Before energy deregulation, people and businesses had no choice but to buy electricity from their local utility company. But now, energy markets have become more open and competitive, which means options for pricing, terms, and services have emerged.

Energy industry deregulation benefits customers in the following ways

The ability to choose
Deregulation means you can pick who gives you energy and what type of plan you want.

Improves competition & enhances service
Competition spurs energy suppliers to offer innovative choices and superior customer service.

Increased Energy Consciousness
Customers are more engaged in buying and using power. Both business and residential customers better understand energy costs and ways to conserve energy.

New & enhanced services
Diversification helps energy suppliers offer more benefits & services to users

Frequently Asked Questions

Does energy deregulation make energy more affordable?
Competition among energy providers lowers prices and makes the market more efficient. Providers must control costs and eliminate waste to stay profitable. This competition also encourages providers to offer different plans designed for specific customer needs. These plans help customers save money and keeps providers profitable.
How do I switch to a different energy provider?
Choosing a new energy supplier is easy. Find out your current energy provider, the rate you’re paying, how long your current contract is, and any costs to switch.

Energy deregulation has made energy markets better by making prices lower, improving service, and creating new ideas. Energy efficiency is better, and renewable energy is getting more interest.
When was US energy deregulated?
Beginning with the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 and continuing on through the 1990s, a series of legislative measures gave states the authority to deregulate or restructure. Today, less than half of US states have deregulated their electricity utility.
What if I have a problem with my electricity?
If there is a power outage in your home or business, or if there is a problem with the power lines, poles, or meters, the company that handles utilities in your area will fix it and make sure you have all the services you need.